Child Plan

They say children are the future of the nation. Indeed, what is said is true and we, at Vaibhav Nidhi truly believes in it. To celebrate the young India, we have come up with a plan to benefit all the young lads with immensely huge benefits. Vaibhav Child Plan is a term deposit plan for children under the age group of 15 where the depositor will get the benefit of ?76000 on the Recurring Deposit of ?1000 per month within the specified time period. For more details about the scheme, read the document clearly or you can drop us a line.

Deposit ₹1000 per month and get ₹76000 in 56 Months 
  • Time Period of Deposit: 56 Months
  • Minimum Amount to be Deposited:  ₹1000 rupees per months
  • Amount to be Received on Maturity: On maturity, The depositor will get ₹76000 on the deposit of ₹1000 per month for 56 months.  

Loan Procedure

Simple procedure

Fill the form and direct apply on phone

Submit Documents

Submit all loan relavant documents

Guarantors needed

Provide guarantors documents

Terms & Conditions 


  • Deposits should be made in the name of children below the age of 15 years.
  • The deposited amount should be a multiple of 1000.

Premature Payments

On pre-maturity request by the depositor after three months of the deposit, the depositor shall not be entitled to any interest up to a period of six months from the date of deposit. The interest payable for the remaining period after six months shall be payable by the ordinarily agreed/ applicable rate of interest(i.e. a rate of interest payable which the Company would have ordinarily paid, had the deposit been accepted for the period from which such deposit had run) reduced by two percent (2%).