We all knows that FD and Gold investments are conventional method of savings in INDIA. Currently there are no attractive FD rates available with Nationalized Banks which are giving approx 6-7% p.a. interest rates where the inflation is killing the actual return. FD is called safe heaven among all investors. The best part of FD investment is your principle is secured with capital appreciation. Recently I had a detailed conversation with one of my retired client who was having money lying ideally in savings bank account where he was getting only 4.5% p.a. where as inflation rate is more than that. This is threatening that people don’t have awareness or financial literacy about their own money. 

Saving or Investing People are not aware about the difference between Savings and Investing as well. If you are investing in low yielding bonds/fd’s the inflation will eat the returns, so you should aware about the other options also.

At Brahmaani Nidhi Limited we are building a trust with our members by giving them secured and higher returns  comparing to any other institutions. The best part of our company is that we are very much transparent and simple in process and explaining the schemes to our members. 

Brahmaani Nidhi Limited is offering Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, MIS and DDS  with best interest rates among the peer group. One should opt the FD investment only after comparing with the peer group.

If you have any query you can write to brahmaaninidhi@gmail.comWritten by Vikash Khichi

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